Are the slides all included in the entrance ticket?
- Of course, all the park's slides and attractions are included in the entrance ticket. The Rapid River is not currently open.

Are there discounts for the disabled?
- Generally the 100% disabled person is entitled to free admission, while the accompanying person at the reduced rate. We recommend that you contact us for more information on 0541.603050.

What are the accepted payment methods?
- In addition to cash, debit or credit card.

Where can I buy the entrance ticket?
- The entrance ticket can be found at local travel agencies or can be purchased directly through our website ticket.aquafan.it or at hotels affiliated with Costa Edutainment.

What do I have to do to buy "The second day entrance ticket for 6 euros"?
- It's very simple: once you enter the park, just go to the internal Information Office with the entrance ticket. Paying 6 euros you will be given an additional ticket, you will be taken a photo that will be glued to the new ticket, so when you return the second time the staff will recognize you. Some types of tickets are excluded from this promotion: ask the staff for more information.

Are umbrellas and sunbeds always available?
- Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for hire until sold out. The cost is 5 euro for 2 sunbeds and an umbrella in low season (June and September) and 7 euro in High season (July and August). It is not possible to rent a single sunbed or two sun loungers without an umbrella. There is no online booking of umbrellas and sunbeds.

If after a day at the park I want to take a shower before I leave, can I take it?
- Of course. Inside Aquafan there are many showers for free use.

Is there a caravan park? Is it possible to spend the night there?
- There is a daytime car park for campers which costs € 10.00 but it is not possible to spend the night there.

Is it possible to leave the park and return on the same day with the same ticket? Do I have to pay for the parking again?
- It is possible to return to the park during the day: just have a stamp placed at the entrance when you leave. In order not to pay back the parking lot, just show the parking attendants the receipt that is issued as soon as you arrive at the parking area.

Can dogs be brought into the park?
- It is not possible to bring animals into the park, not even small ones.

Is there an infirmary?
- Yes, with a doctor always available.

Is it possible to organize special occasions (meetings, conventions, corporate parties, weddings) in your park?
- Yes: for this information please contact tel. 0541.603050 (Aquafan switchboard) or send an email to eventi@costaparchi.it.

Are there special menus for celiacs?
- We have special menus for celiacs at the Pascucci Bar along the main street (every day from opening to closing the park)

Can children use all the attractions?
- For children there are 3 equipped swimming pools (max water height: 50 cm) with slides suitable for them: the Ark Beach, the Elephant pool and the Antarctic Baby Beach.

In addition, children can use the Wave Pool, the Slow River and the Surfing Hill. Children from 1m to 1.40m high can descend from StrizzaCool if accompanied by at least one adult. All the attractions that we define for adults can instead be enjoyed by those over 12 years old or by children taller than m. 1.40. It is for a safety issue.

Up to what age do children not pay?
- It's not a question of age ... but of centimeters! Children up to 1 meter in height enter for free. Those up to 1 meter and 40 meters high pay reduced admission.

If I am in a car and I come from outside, which route should I take to get to the park?
- It's very simple: just follow the signs for the highway entrance, the park is right in front of the Riccione exit of the A14.

Which bus takes you to the park? What are the times?
- From Piazzale Curiel in Riccione, line no. 58. Consult the page 'How to get there' of our website.

Are you open at night?
- At night we are only open for special events.

How do you work with you?
- You need to apply by clicking HERE

How can I do to celebrate my birthday in the park?
- Those who turn the age of 11 July to 31 August are entitled to free admission to the park. Just go to the information office in the square of Aquafan and Oltremare with a valid identity document.

Do you have partner hotels?
- For your stay, consult the section of the site "Affiliated hotels".

Do I have to enter the swimming pool with a swimming cap?
- Absolutely not.

Can fins be used in the pool?
- Fins prohibited.

Can I go down the slides with eyeglasses?
- No, it is not allowed to descend with glasses from the slides due to safety problems. Nor is the use of swimming goggles allowed.

Can I go down with the shoes?
- Yes, but only in neoprene.

Can I go down with an underwater camera (eg Go Pro)?
-Yes, but only if fixed with special instruments only and exclusively to the chest.

Does Radio Deejay still broadcast from the park?
- Sure! The live broadcasts return this year at the end of July and for the whole of August the presence of Rudy Zerbi has been confirmed.

Is it possible to smoke in the park?
- Yes, but be careful not to throw cigarette butts on the ground: in the park you walk barefoot.