M280 New Attraction 2021

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The new M280 is a spectacular super slide, designed to be many attractions in one. In its 280 meters of pure adrenaline, you can experience - at the same time and in one fell swoop - the thrills of slides such as the Extreme, the Black Hole, the Speedriul and the River Rapido.

The experience offered to the visitor, as well as exciting, also has the characteristic of guaranteeing unprecedented minutes.

The numbers of the M280 speak for themselves:
280 meters of total length of the attraction

3 people who can board one dinghy at a time

20 meters of launch height

60 meters in length of the conveyor belt

280 seconds of duration of the experience, the longest of the park's attractions

3 meters in diameter of the tube where there are also plays of light

7 meters of the diameter of the cone

18.5 meters in length of the half pipe that simulates sailing (as in the Extreme River).

6 the main companies used to carry out the work (Tecnopiscine International, Belletti & Baroni Costruzioni, Elecrtic Line, Steel & Components, Controlchemi, Green Tech)

30 men at work in more than a year of construction

1 the umarell who checked every aspect of its construction

2.5 million euros for the investment for the construction of the attraction.

And above all: zero virtual reality, zero fiction, zero special effects.