Special for children

Special Childs

A child-friendly park

Aquafan has a particular attention for its small and wildest guests!

The park offers three children's areas with three swimming pools equipped with slides where the maximum height of the water is 50 cm. We take care to remind our guests that children must always be under the control of their parents and / or carers.

The most important children's area is Arca Beach . Here is the Noah's Ark on whose top children can venture down to the swimming pool in front, through the 4 blue slides (3 uncovered and 1 closed), all under the amused gaze of the many animals that inhabit and surround the Ark.

A few meters from the Ark Beach there is the Elephant Swimming Pool , suitable for very young children. Children can reach the three white mini slides that emerge from the belly of the Pink Elephant through a wooden bridge designed especially for them.

The other area designed specifically for children is Antarctic Beach , the swimming pool for playing and having fun like at the South Pole, sliding, but without ice! It is guarded by the great White Bear who watches over his little friends, while they enjoy safely descending into the two parallel mini slides, each approximately 3 meters long.

But the little guests of the park can also access the Slow River , the Wave Pool, Poseidon and Surfing Hill .

Children from 100 to 140 cm tall can also access the Strizzacool but must be accompanied by an adult. For all the other slides the entrance will be allowed only in a few years ... or when you will pass those blessed 140 cm in height (for safety reasons).